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As a child I was one of the “biggest” kids in my school. I was often called “Big Bertha and “Tank”. Even though these names hurt and in some ways, scarred my heart, my family helped me through these developmental years with unconditional love and taught me about forgiveness. (These three pictures were all of me in my Elementary School Years.)


I began to enjoy art, music and writing as a creative way to get past the hurt. In a sense, through this process, I began to find my way to “being me”.


The importance of family has always been a central component for me in becoming who I am today.  The core values of integrity, kindness, love, respect and the love of country were all embedded in our family belief system.


I was introduced to God through little bedtime talks with my Mother…as well as having our family connected to the Lutheran and Quaker Churches.


In a strange way, I can also attribute a part of my Faith Walk to my Dad.


My Dad had served in the Army Air Force so he often watched War movies on one of the three channels that we could get on our television set (back in the day).  When I sat watching some of those movies, I didn’t focus on the battle scenes but was drawn to the scenes where people of Faith gave comfort and refuge to the soldiers.

There was something that resonated with my spirit in the “heart connection” to God that was seen and felt through these scenes.

I don’t profess to be a perfect person.  I am not a Bible or Learned Scholar.  I have made many mistakes in my life and have had my ups and downs.  Through it all, thankfully, God has seen something in me and has watched over me guiding me to where I am today.  To put it in one phrase…. I am a sinner saved by God’s Grace.

I believe that if someone has a seeking heart for Truth and a commitment and desire to know God…God will lead them to Truth.  My Faith Walk has been a process of “seek and find” and I can honestly say that I continue forward on this path as it is a journey that truly lasts a lifetime.

I was born in Marion, Indiana and lived there until I married my husband, Marvin Bontrager in 1975.  After we married, I moved to his hometown of Goshen, Indiana.

We have been blessed with two children, both now married, and have two granddaughters.

As a Mother and Junior Church Teacher, I have been “in tune” with the hearts of children for many years.  Now, as a Grandmother, I have a heartfelt passion to share “Legacy Lessons” which I have collected in my lifetime with not only my family but with children of all ages.

I believe that the importance of Legacy Lessons is that they connect one generation to another and help give the newest generation a “foot hold” as they begin their life journey.         I was blessed to experience this first hand when as a child I was a part of a multi-generational family.

In our society where texting has weakened the art of human communication between one heart to another…I believe it is important to re-introduce the need to share stories that create that special bond between generations.

As I “write with His Purpose in mind”, I was pleased that  “Butterfly Hugs” debuted as the first book from my “Stories from a Grandmother’s Heart”.

Each of us come from different “reference points” such as families, cultures, and belief systems.  However, we are all travelers on the same road of life.  We are born to die…and as we travel the road in between those two events, it is my hope that we can help each other as we travel along the way  by sharing our stories.  As a writer, I seek to share some of the “scenery” through insights that I have collected along my journey.

It is my hope that by sharing them… it will give a smile and a good thought or two to another weary traveler.