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As I “write with His Purpose in mind” I seek to share insights and thoughts which may help people open their minds to a new perspective.

Don’t get me wrong though as I don’t have all the answers to all the questions. I am neither a learned Scholar nor a Bible Expert. I am just a seeker of knowledge who chooses to use God’s Word and the power of Prayer to find my way through this world.

When I was a child, we had 3 channels on our Television Set. We often turned the T.V. off when there were no shows that interested us. We played outside, called friends on the telephone (landlines), talked to each other at the supper table….or we packed up the family and went visiting family members who were elderly and homebound. We listened to records on the turntable record players of the day and even read books. Those of us who were artistically inclined would often find a quiet corner of our home (or yard) and draw or write poetry.

When we turned the T.V. off, there were a multitude of opportunities to find quiet times where we could listen to ourselves (and others) and hear “heart connections”.

What are “heart connections”? I believe that they are the moments when we as humans truly connect with each other. It could be a time of laughter when we connect in joy with someone else. It could be hearing a kind word when we are feeling low or getting a heartfelt hug from a caring friend when we feel alone. Sometimes, it is just that moment when our eyes meet someone else’s eyes and in that moment we know that we truly understand what the other person is feeling.

Often times, a “heart connection” is when we have a genuine, “heart”-felt conversation with another human being that helps those involved learn how to help each other “move another mile” along the path of life. Sometimes, it just involves finding that quiet time when we can listen to our own heart’s voice and learn more about ourself…

Technology has been a great tool in communication, yet in our society today, we have come to a point where we aren’t controlling technology; it is controlling us.

Through my “Stories from a Grandmother’s Heart” I hope to encourage re-establishing “heart connections” within our families and friendships once again.

I also hope to encourage us all to “get a grip” on how we use technology and learn to put our gadgets down so that we can find time to enjoy the quietness in our homes and lives again and so that we can learn to create those special moments that connect hearts.


“Special Moments connect hearts for eternity..
Why not put the electronics down and lift up a heart today.”
-Beth Robbins Bontrager

Mission StatementHere are some of the Missions that have a special place in my heart. Eden’s Children’s Village Zimbabwe, Africa Michiana Christian Service Camp Niles, Michigan


Beth Robbins Bontrager has creatively designed the book “Butterfly Hugs” for use in gently opening conversations between Family Members about Faith and the difficult emotionally charged subjects of Life and Death.

“Butterfly Hugs” not only relates a simple story of a Grandmother’s conversation with her Granddaughter; it is also a tool to use when helping families find their way through the grieving process.

The Illustrator, Troy DeLacy Cleland gives the reader visual insights into the conversation between “Grandma” and “Becky Jo”. Through his illustrations, Troy creates a natural “Heart Connection” between the readers and the characters.

The Author has written the book for all ages. For very young children she suggests that the adult read through the story first. Once the story is understood and the adult has decided how to share their own Faith and perspective of life and death; the story can then be related to the children by using the illustrations. The story is then shared from the heart of the adult. For older children, the text of the story can be read as written. In all cases, it is important that “Butterfly Hugs” be used as a beginning point for sincere and heartfelt conversations between adults and children when death occurs within their family.

A Legacy Page is the first page that the Reader will see as they open “Butterfly Hugs” . The Author specifically designed it to be used by someone who wants to leave a Legacy Note to a child or loved one. It could be a note from a Grandparent wanting to share their Faith and leave a message sharing their love to their Grandchildren. In other cases, someone who is terminally ill may want to purchase copies and share a unique Legacy Message with their Loved Ones as they face their final days on Earth.

Another special section is located in the back of the book where the Author includes: “A Special Note to Parents” as well as an additional page entitled “Suggested Resources” that can be used to help families find their way through the grieving process. Both Author and Illustrator seek to give God all the Glory as they share the simple, yet powerful story of “Butterfly Hugs” .

A SPECIAL THANK YOU: Courtyard Healthcare Center, Goshen Indiana has been very gracious to host Book Signings for me as they introduce the NEW Butterfly Passage Rooms to our Community. A Special Thanks to The Management Team for supporting God’s Purpose for “Butterfly Hugs” and for allowing “Butterfly Hugs” to inspire these beautiful Butterfly Passage Rooms! Beth Robbins Bontrager